About Us

If you see me now you would ask yourself what business does she have making such big bath towels?

One hundred pounds ago, I was in Century 21 in New York City. I found myself in the bath towel department looking for a bath towel big enough to fit around me without falling off and not a beach towel. I did leave the store with a towel. It was a black Chloe beach towel. That was all I could find, a towel that didn’t absorb that well and only just covered me. If I bent over or tried to stoop down it would fall off. After that, I was determined to find a large enough sized bath towel that would fit me. Everywhere I went, I looked for a large enough bath towel but never had any luck. I decided to live with the fact that I was never going to find one that fits me. Then I asked myself, why don’t I make my own bath towel? Next, I asked myself if I need a bigger bath towel, then maybe other plus-sized people would want a big towel too. In the process, I found out from smaller people that they wanted a larger bath towel too so that they could wrap it around themselves in comfort.

About Us

Plux Plus Towels came to be because of a missed need in one segment of the population but has expanded to everyone large, small, pregnant that want more room in their bath towels.

The towels are 100% cotton and made to a high-quality standard. They are thick but not too thick that they are too heavy to use. 

I hope you enjoy Plux Plus Towels.